Terrorists have found ‘haven’ in Pakistan, says Hillary

Washington: US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has said that the terrorists have found “safe haven” in Pakistan, a country, which she said is now under greater pressure because of the economic crisis.

In an interview to the media, Clinton agreed with Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair that the economic crisis poses the greatest threat to the security now and this needs to be fixed urgently.

“That is not, in any way, to underestimate the importance of the continuing threat from terrorism, the instability in the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan and elsewhere,” she said according to a transcript released by the State Department.

“But this economic crisis, left unresolved, will create massive unemployment. It will upend governments. It will, unfortunately, breed instability,” she said.

“I appreciated his putting that into the context of the threat matrix, because look at Pakistan, a country that we know has to be stabilized for the benefit of not only South Asia, but beyond,” Clinton said.

“It is where the terrorists and their allies have found haven. But the economy in Pakistan is under even greater pressure now because of the global economic crisis,” she said.

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