Protest against deceptions from Daughter-in-laws

On 8th March, Woman’s day is going to be celebrated all over the world. Seeking opportunity of this day, many Vandals (organizations) and Clubs have become very busy in felicitating women who have managed to carve out their own unique identity from adverse conditions that they were once in.

On other hand, Mothers and sisters from organization that calls itself “All India Forgotten woman and Brothers and Sisters Initiative” have taken a decision to organize a morcha (rally) at the offices of National Commission of Women (NCW) Offices in Delhi to highlight the plight of victims when one women in order to deceive another women misuses section 498 law.

On International Women’s day, Felicitations, Recognitions are Parities (Rewards) are given to women with noticeable achievements in industries, Academics, Journalism, Medicine and many other such fields.

The objective behind felicitating Achievements of these women where they’ve matched shoulders with shoulders with fellow men in Male Dominated Culture is to inspire and provide an example to other women.
But it is being reported that inspire of recognition and felicitation in society and outside world, there are stories of torture and torment within the confines of their houses.

A Spokesperson Gokul from Protect Indian Family – Mumbai (PIF) has said that in most cases, police after filing a complaint u/s 498, harass many women of the house based on complaint of one without any prior investigation whatsoever.

Hence On International women’s day, the intent behind taking rally to the offices of National Commission of Women is to protest against women who misuse the laws, says Gokul. If requirement arises, organizing such a rally in Mumbai is also being planned, he said.

Translation of Protest in front of NCW- report in Saamana, Marathi

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