Woman held for cheating 10 husbands

MUMBAI: The Sion police on Saturday arrested Kausar Begam, a 32-year-old woman from Bangalore, for allegedly marrying and divorcing 10 Mumbai businessmen in 18 years, and blackmailing and threatening them. Her parents

One thought on “Woman held for cheating 10 husbands

  1. 10 husbands? you gotta be kidding… thats 10 rubbish presents at xmas and 10 mother in laws lol no thanx… lol as much as it sounds sexist, even feminist… but i don’t think men should cheat because they are no where near intelligent enough to pull it off without getting caught. I’ve caught every single boyfriend thats cheated on me and thats because they have their brains in their lower regions, it makes them clumsy and prone to leave out the the most important of precautions… and thats focus lol luckily for us ladies lol 😉 loved the article.

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