Man, father get 10 years RI for dowry death

No Matter why Indian married women commite suicide,her Husband and his Family should charged, and to be specific should be hanged till death. I think thats right kind of Judiciary.
Even she caught RED Handed by her husband with her lover.
To questioning her about her past Affairs,
She Commite suicide, in fear that husband may find out her past / her Affair etc etc.
Her Husband and his family should be hanged.

and Whatever her family says RIGHT, and all evidence found claiming man NOT GUILTY is wrong.
Because Its India.
Phir bi mera Bharat Mahaan (myfoot)

and here is the similar judgement.

A Delhi court today (July sentenced a man and his father to 10 years rigorous imprisonment for subjecting his wife to cruelty for dowry and forcing her to commit suicide four years ago.

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