Man gets 120 years for raping 74-year-old

St. charles Twp, Aug 26: A 43-year-old man has been sentenced to 120 years in prison for raping a senior citizen.

The accused, MC Gowan was granted the sentence by county judge, Timothy Sheldon for invading the house of the 74-year-old victim and assaulting her sexually.

McGowan was given a sentence of 60 years for invading home and another 60 years for sexually assaulting a person over 60 years. The accused pleaded innocence adding that he hoped that he would be be freed in near future.

The man entered the victim’s house in Apr 2010 after he climbed through the bedroom window and then thrashed the elderly women.

The case came into light after an officer viewed a security footage in which McGowan was seen entering the victim’s house following which the accused was nailed down by the cops.

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