1,384 NRI committed suicide in Middle east in last 3 years

Its a Shame to Indian Government that so many Non Resident Indians(NRI) taking extreme steps because of lack of support from Indian government. Only from Middle east monthly remittance will be more than Billion rupees; Many are harassed and tortured in these middle eastern countries, but if you approach Indian embassy with your problem, you will get default question from Embassy officials, “WHO ASKED YOU TO COME HERE ?” instead helping. some are not only trapped with employer but harassed, and tormented with marital problems and biased Indian legal system back home.

1,384 Indians allegedly committed suicide abroad in the last three years with the maximum of 541 in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Replying to a question in Lok Sabha, Minister of State of Overseas Indian Affairs V K Singh said a total of 497 Indians committed suicide in 2013, 451 in 2014 and 436 ended their lives till 4 December, 2015.

As per details provided by the Minister based on information from Indian missions in 142 countries, 541 Indians committed suicide in the UAE since 2013 followed by 337 in Saudi Arabia and 123 in Oman.

Replying to a separate question, he said a total of 36,714 Indians were trapped or stranded in Oman, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait since 2012.
He said 10,570 Indians were either stranded or trapped in the five countries in 2012, 8480 in 2013 and a total of 10,077 were stranded or trapped in 2014 while the number this year has been 7,587 so far.

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