14-year-old raped by multiple men rescued

Rio de Janeiro, Sep 21: A 14-year-old Brazilian girl was raped by several men at a prison and used as a sex slave in Para, Brazil.

The warden and 20 guards of the jail, located at about 50 km from Belem has been suspended by the governor of Para.

The crime was reported to the police by the victim on Sep 17 and she alerted the authorities saying that two other girls were still captive at the jail.

“She said she lost count of the number of men who raped her,” said Benilson Silva, a children’s services official, Santa Izabel.

The victim said she was approached by a woman on the beach last week in Belem, who lured her with an offer of domestic employment in Santa Izabel.

After she along with two other were recruited by the woman, they arrived in Santa Izabel, taken to prison farm and then made to consume alcohol and drugs and then sexually assaulted by various men, said the victim. After escaping the girl went to the police.

“We are investigating who that woman (the recruiter) is. The entire investigation is under judicial seal because we want to establish everything that happened, who took her (the alleged victim), who abused her and who allowed the minor to enter the prison,” said police inspector Fabiano Amazonas.

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