PIF Invitition on Men’s Day 19th Nov 2009

PIFF (Protect Indian Family Foundation) and IFF (Indian Family Foundation) are celebrating International Mens Day on 19th November 2009 at Azad Maidan(11 A.M to 4 P.M). An awareness vehicle rally, consisting of about 50 motorcycles and four wheelers, starting from Mulund will be converging at Azad Maidan by 12.30 pm.

We are part of the Save Indian Family Movement. This movement was initiated by victims of law who were falsely accused or threatened of law misuse, done with a view to take undue advantage, when a male family member’s marriage fails due to some other reason other than the false criminal accusation.

Male plight have always been the butt of jokes or cartoons and have never been taken seriously as their suffering is taken for granted or ignored. On this mens day we would like to pay tribute to the undisputable hard working taxpayer, Men, who pays approximately 82% taxes to the Government of India. Legal atrocities on us has been termed as “Legal Terrorism” by Supreme Court and recently the government has advised not to rush for Arrests of the Innocent Family of the Groom, as gross misuse of cruel Marriage laws has been observed for years together.

We would like to call for your Unconditional and Overwhelming support in demanding a basic constitutional infrastructure and machinery for Men and his family members.

– Calling the government attention for Introducing a Ministry for Men regarding welfare of mens and related issues.
– Introducing a suo motu (By Default) punishment in the IPC for misuse of any law(especially laws concerned with families) irrespective of gender.
– Creating Machinery for Men to get his serious grievances recorded as crime against men and thus allow generating statistics for men to help understand his plight better.
– Identify his emotional needs as a father and allow a shared parenting during marital dispute.
– Protect the Mother and Sister and other relatives of Husband during marital dispute.

We are only against the misuse of any law on any innocent. We are not against any strata of the society. We are for protection of a vulnerable section in the society. We believe that law should treat everyone equal without blindly favoring / opposing any group.

We look forward for your support and participation in making this International Men’s day a great success.

Public Relations Officer: 9930889008 / 9769770498 / 9224335577
info@protectindianfamily.org , help@iff-ngo.org
Indian Family Foundation and Protect Indian Family Foundation (Mumbai)

Supported by: Save Indian Family Foundation Bengaluru, Chattisgarh, Save Family Foundation Delhi, Hridaya Kolkatta, Pati Parivar Kalyan Samiti Lucknow, Save Family Welfare System Indore, All India Forgotten Women Hyderabad, Mothers And Sisters Initiative Delhi, All India Mother In Law Protection Forum Nagpur. Gender Human Rights Society Delhi, Child Rights and Famliy Welfare Mumbai, Bhavya Foundation Moradabad, Childs Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting Bengaluru. Sahana Hyderabad, Rakshak Foundation USA, 498a.org USA, Mynation.net (Middle East), Indiya Kudumba Pathukappu Iyakkam Chennai, Family India Lifeline Kochi, All India Men’s Welfare Association Bengaluru.

www.protectindianfamily.org www.iff-ngo.org www.savefamily.org www.498a.org www.saveindianfamily.org www.ghrs.in www.crisp-india.org www.bhavyafoundation.org www.aifw.info www.sahanaindia.org www.mynation.net www.aimpf.org http://www.antidowry.org

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