1 in 4 men of Asia are Rapists.


There was a feminists supported survey on men “How many men in Asia admit to rape?

The researchers from the UN Cross-sectional Study on Men and Violence surveyed about 10,000 men in a handful of urban and rural areas in six countries in Asia and the Pacific – half were from Bangladesh and Indonesia, the others from China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka.

but questions asked if you say YES also counted as RAPE and if you say NO too, thats how they came to an conclusion and branding One in four men as rapists.

In marriage, sex is like having food. these men did`t went out and raped women in street, still they are branded as Rapists by feminists for Women mistake.

Most of the Women are not interested in sex at all in Asia, they lack basic sexual performence. most of them are like Dead bodies, they don’t do much than spreading legs and sleeping.

Majority Women are not aware of sex, most of the Asian women are raised telling sex is DIRTY, oral and kissing is taboo in many societies. They hardly indulge in sex them self and many Asian religions tells women, SEX is SIN and they should not enjoy, in that way they withheld men too, not to enjoy.
Many women give religious excuse to not to have sex on certain days of the week, some check for STARS and charts too. They never heard about ORGASM, foreplay, if man takes an initiative that’s termed as RAPE.

If husband buy them spicy food, cloths,jewelry 10 times they have no objection but when it comes return something they object.

Now is the simple Question, how many times Your wife/girl friend came to you for sex ?

Answer is NONE, that mean all men are Rapists as per Feminists.

Survey should ask Women Instead men that
How many times they refused sex. ?
How many times they initiated Sex. ?
What foreplay do to their man ?
How many times they blackmail men for SeX ?

Man always feel that he is forcing sex, coz Women always deny to get something from him, because most of the Women sex is bargaining too.
Get me Gold
Buy me new cloths even you just brought some.
buy this, get that.


This servey even women at fault still they term All men are Rapists.
No doubt its Feminists Propaganda, Defame men

If these feminists do not want sex in marriage, why they get marry ? Why they want Male partner ?

to pay their BILLS only….? common man exclaimed.

– See more at: http://mynation.net/voice/1in4/#sthash.1TuQlmeA.dpuf

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