209 men kidnapped for marriage in India

NEW DELHI: It may sound curious but a latest government survey shows 209 men were kidnapped in the country last year to force them into wedlock.
This figure includes three men above the age of 50 years and two below the age of ten years.
Interestingly, Bihar is the only big state where more men are kidnapped than women, according to the ‘Crime in India — 2007’ report prepared by National Crime Records Bureau
According to the report, 1268 men were kidnapped from Bihar while figures for women were six less than that.
Out of a total of 27,561 kidnapping cases, 12,856 were related to marriage in which 12,874 people were abducted.
Marriage was the main cause of kidnapping and abduction of women which accounted for 61.2% (12,655) of the 20,690 victims from the fairer sex while ransom was the main cause of kidnapping of men representing 8.1% cases (596 out of 7,340).
Among the women, the report said, the largest number of victims of kidnapping for marriage were from the age group of 18-30 years accounting for 7,930 followed by 15-18 years with 2,521.
Five men in the age-group of 18-30 years were among 417 people who were kidnapped for prostitution, with 264 women between 18 and 30 years leading the list of victims.
A total of 28,030 persons were kidnapped or abducted last year registering an increase of 15.4% than the previous year.


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