20pc women in K’taka slapped by husbands

And Other 80% of women will SLAP their husbands, and no Protection LAWS for men.

BANLGAORE November 11, 2008: Home is no more safe custody for women in Karnataka. One out of every five married women in Karnataka undergone sexual and physical harassment from their husbands, revealed National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) for the year 2005-06.

According to the report, released last week, stated that one in five (20per cent) of women in Karnataka ever married have been slapped by their husbands. Between 7-9 per cent of women report having their arms twisted, hair pulled, punched with the fist or beaten up. Eight per cent of women report spousal emotional violence and only one per cent of women have initiated violence against their husband.

The report said that more than half of all Indian women believe that husbands can beat wives if they have

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  1. This is VERY interesting statistics! If true, this is FAR TOO IMPORTANT, and needs far more publicity in the Indian media, than just being on a blog. Male Rights awareness is an area of prime concern for males in India.

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