Case filed for dowry harassment in Goa

Indian women can act, innocent always, even after she commit crime or misuse law.

Below News says, After filling case against husband, women act like,she is generous,and want her husband back.

Everyone knows,there is no chance,to get back after husband arrest, if any women want to settle any differences,she can try many other things to fix it than filling case aginst husband.

As per supreme court taking/Asking money for house hold things is not dowry, when women is not giving anything from her this story husband took money and also promised to return it,not as Dowry, still corrupt police supported by women organisation and media term as Dowry.

From her own words,anyone can Judge this women want out of marriage and also want her child,

How to get it….?

only way left is File false case of 498A on Husband

Here is the story in Detail.

Case filed for dowry harassment

MARGAO: The Colva police on Thursday registered a case under Section 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act on a complaint filed by Maria Daizy Fernandes against her husband Frank Rosario Fernandes and her mother-in-law Helen Fernandes.

But this is not a tale of a rift beyond repair as Maria wants to be reunited. She says in her comnplaint, “I want my son back and I need to feed him. I am also ready to go back to my husband

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