Mother refuse to breastfeed her 4 Days old Child

This is another face of empowered Indian women; Mother refuse to breastfeed her own baby Girl; WCD/NCW or Indian Government will not educate women, but they make law where women can misuse and harass men; In This case also Women Organisation will put that blame on her husband for forcing her not to feed Girl child. Thats the Pathetic situation of India with Govt Blessings.

Hyderabad: At a government hospital in Hyderabad, a beautiful baby girl, not even four days old, has been abandoned by her family. The girl is not being breastfed by her mother, who insists that she gave birth to a boy.

“How can I feed the baby girl when I was told I gave birth to a boy?” asks 22-year-old Rajitha, a tribal woman from Mahbubnagar. She has given birth to her second baby just 14 months after she had a daughter.

On Tuesday afternoon, Rajitha and another woman Rama gave birth to babies within minutes of each other at Hyderabad’s Government Maternity Hospital.

The hospital administration admits that there was a mix-up and news was wrongly conveyed to one family. It is the babies who are paying for that mistake.

R Vidyavathi, a senior doctor, said around 40 babies are born every day at the hospital.

“On that day, the nurse called out for Rama’s family, but Rajitha’s mother and aunt went and they were handed the male baby. A few minutes later, when Rajitha gave birth to a girl, the family refused to accept her and lodged a police complaint,” Dr Vidyavathi said.

Both the babies have been kept away from their mothers at a special unit. “Rajitha, the mother of the female baby, refused to feed her. And for Rama Devi, breast milk has been delayed after a caesarean operation. So we are giving formula feed,” the doctor told NDTV.

Rajitha complains of extreme pain and discomfort because she is not feeding her newborn, yet she stubbornly says she will feed only the baby boy.

20-year-old Rama says she wants her baby boy, not because of his gender but because she gave birth to him.

“I am denied the pleasure of holding my baby boy. I gave birth to him so I should have him. If I had given birth to a baby girl, I would have accepted her,” said Rama.

The hospital says a DNA test will now establish the biological parents of the newborns. Till then, the babies are almost like orphans, abandoned in a sterile hospital unit.

A fight for the baby boy and the girl abandoned – a story common to many backward regions across India, but now seen in Hyderabad, a city that prides itself as an IT hub.

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