Indian woman gets 8 yrs for forced prostitution in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 24 An Indian national has been convicted and sentenced for eight years for forcing a compatriot into prostitution after promising her a job as maid in this Malaysian capital.

R. Punitha, herself a prostitute, pleaded guilty before Judge Mohammed Nasir Mordin. She screamed, cried and hit her head when the sentence was announced, the official Malaysian news agency Bernama reported.

She was charged for exploiting S. Maruthambal, 33, through force and threats at a house here.

According to the facts of the case, Maruthambal came under Punitha’s care after she was sweet-talked by agents in India that she could get a job as a maid in Malaysia.

During her confinement, Maruthambal was forced to provide sexual services to 20 to 25 men daily and her earnings were taken by Punitha.

She was also threatened by Punitha that if she refused, her family in India would be killed by gangsters there.

Maruthambal managed to escape to the Indian High Commission before making a police report,

If, same thing is done in india, then she would have scoute free,as per WCD/NCW women cann`t committe any crime, she was forced to do all these things by men.

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