80-year-old woman files dowry case

Many dowry harassment cases are filed in Bangalore everyday. But this should rank among the more interesting ones, because the case involves an 80-year-old woman, who has lodged a complaint against her 85-year-old husband!

The woman in question, Lakshmi lodged the complaint with the Rajajinagar police, against her octogenarian husband Varadaraj, his second wife Chandrakantha and their two sons Jawaharlal and Vishweshwara. She alleged that the four assaulted her and also threatened eliminate her. It has been 53 years since Lakshmi got married to Varadaraj. Her husband entered into wedlock again, this time with Chandrakantha and had two sons from her. Lakshmi alleged that after his second marriage her husband started harassing her.
He registered his property in the names of children he had from his second wife. “When I questioned his decision I was assaulted. He also threatened me that he would kill me. With serious injuries I was admitted to Victoria Hospital in June 2008,” she said in her complaint. Later she approached the Rajajinagar Police to lodge a complaint. As the police refused to register the case, she registered a private complaint with the ACCM court.
Taking note of her complain the court directed the police to register her case. Rajajinagar Police obeying the court order subsequently took up a case under IPC section 498(a), which deals with dowry harassment. Rajajinagar Police told media that all the four were absconding. They have launched a drive to arrest them. Lakshmi is living alone in her residence in Rajajinagar.

2 thoughts on “80-year-old woman files dowry case

  1. She has provisions to file sexual abuse too. As per Domestic Violence Act if wife demands and husband cant fulfil sexual needs she is facing sexual abuse.

    “(ii) “sexual abuse” includes any conduct of a sexual nature that abuses, humiliates, degrades or otherwise violates the dignity of woman;”

    This 85 year old man is a criminal. Put him in jail for 3years.

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