Doc refuses to pay alimony, sent to 80-day jail

BHAVNAGAR: A renowned physician of the city has been sentenced to 80 days of imprisonment for refusing to pay alimony to his estranged wife.

Pronouncing the judgment, a family court in Ahmedabad ordered that Dr VN Kakadiya be imprisoned for 10 days in a month for eight months, totaling 80 days. The judgment came after Kakadiya’s wife Parul moved family court in Ahmedabad, where she has moved to her parents’ house after the marriage turned sour. The court had earlier asked Kakadiya to pay a monthly alimony of Rs 7,500 to his wife. However, she alleged in a plea that Kakadiya refused to pay her the money. In fact, when asked by the court, Kakadiya refused to pay, and was thus sentenced.

Soon all men follow the same when Judiciary Force them to pay, Even wife desert or she is not eligible to claim money

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