Al-Qaeda to be assessed $9.3 bn for 9/11 damage?

New York, Oct 15: A Federal Magistrate Judge in New York has commended al-Qaeda to be assesed $9.3 billion for the damage done to properties and bussiness in the 9/11 attacks in 2001 at World Trade Centre (WTO).

Megistrate judge Frank Mass on Oct 14 have sent a recommendation to a district judge presiding over a law suit sought by several insurance companies. The companies in 2003 has sought charged agianst al-Qaeda for damages their bussiness in 2001 terror attacks, which destroyed the World Trade Centre’s twin towers.

Al-Qaeda never responded the lawsuit and was found in default in 2006. Maas determined the actual damages and then tripled them as allowed by law. Meanwhile, the insurance companies asking an assessment of damage agianst al-Qaeda. The Osama bin Laden led organization al-Qaeda is blamed committing the terror attack.

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