A Beautiful Mind: HIV -ve man seeks HIV +ve woman to make a Positive act

A Beautiful Mind
It is nice to see the wonderful mind of Chandresh. I hope that he achieves his goal and finds a beautiful mind. Congratulations to Chandresh for the wonderful initiative!

Tip for the day: HIV-negative persons married to HIV-positive persons should use barrier contraception (read Condom) to prevent getting AIDS and HIV infection. Kissing and hugging DON’T transmit HIV infection. It is also advisable for such couples to go for adoption, because babies born under such circumstances will have severe birth defects and will be born with HIV-virus from birth.

To prevent HIV, people should remember the ABC’s of HIV education. The ABC mantra goes as follows:

B-Be faithful

Read on for complete extracts : Jilted once, divorcee wants HIV+bride

AHMEDABAD: In an age where everybody seems to be wanting to marry slim, tall, fair, rich and beautiful girls, a 29-year-old city youth’s matrimonial advertisement reads something like this – `Wanted: A girl with a beautiful mind. Should be HIV +ve’.

The exceptional thing here is that Chandresh Solanki himself is not HIV +ve. He is a normal healthy guy who just wants to do something positive in life after a failed marriage.

“I have decided to marry an HIV positive girl and give her a good life, respect and carewhich most women are denied once they are detected with the deadly virus,” says Solanki.

Chandresh, who works as a master-cutter in a garment unit, stumped a voluntary agency with his unique request. “We have never got such a respect,” said a volunteer of NGO, Quality Circle.

Chandresh’s first wife broke his heart when she ran away with another man two years after their marriage. Chandresh’s house had collapsed in the 2001 earthquake in Ahmedabad and had to shift to Mumbai with his wife to earn a livelihood. Within six months in Mumbai, his wife told him she has started working as a call girl. Before Chandresh could recover from the shock, she eloped with her lover, a father of three.

“I seriously thought of ending my life but then sense returned. Now, I want to make someone who is miserable very happy,” says Chandresh.

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