Aadhaar – Unique Number Identity card

The Chief Minister of Delhi has been aggressively promoting the registration of Aadhaar, the Unique Identification Number that every citizen should have. It is a 12 digit number which you should be able to get from any nearest Aadhaar registration center. This number will serve as a proof of identity.

This number will be issued free of cost and will be recognized all over India, it will help you in opening bank account, get you mobile connections etc.

For more info please call toll free on 1800 180 1947

One thought on “Aadhaar – Unique Number Identity card

  1. Wake UP People ,
    All the governments are puppets under the UN , NATO , WTO which are owned by the Elites ( 143 influential families, who are the owner or have stakes in all the FORTUNE business you know of)
    Now these Elites was to be super powerful by creating one world government on the similar terms of European Union , where they were successful to dilute the sovereignty of all the European countries and their laws and made then bound by One Law that is governed from ONE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels and all the countries have to follow absurd laws( like Genetically Modified Food in our food chain, Carbon Taxes and various Taxes to literally not let the people live a peaceful life) and the counties don’t want those laws to be imposed and people are helpless but and that is how the Elites want to control all of us through centralised powers and Laws created in these centralised which are according to their ulterior plans. Now their plan is to give Unique numbers to all the people to tag them as sheep’s and they have themselves created the environment that we ourselves would gladly be tagged by them , because these Elites always form Problem-Reaction-Solution government who always create Order out of Chaos like they themselves create terror problems( CIA openly funding Al-Qaida and LeT) and thus creating chaos and need of UIDs for all of us- we the sheeples and this is their Oder Out of Chaos practice to bring the order what they want as per their sinister plan so that we don’t oppose their claims.
    The bigger picture and plan is to first create these UIDS and then upgrade them with biometric chips and finally replace them all together with a RDIF body implanted chip , which will keep track of all your body temperature, heart beat , your blood pressure and your hormone changes and all these data is being feed into some calculus to know what you are thinking and these RDIF chips are automatic tracers which are connected to the satellites communication system to track all your movements and restrict you to confined areas like sheep and take away all of your freedom. All your salaries would be transferred to your body implanted chip under your skin and you would swipe them over the cash counter to buy any product in the market and if you protest against any unfair law passed in the centralised parliament or you exercise your right of speech and liberty to oppose the unfair policies of the government then your RDIF chip would be turned off then you can not do any transaction, buy food and medical care and you would be considered out law and therefore like this YOU and YOUR CHILDREN WOULD BE UNDER DIRECT CONTROL OF THESE ELITES and the governments world over are just following there orders to execute this plan to make all the HUMANITY as slaves of these elites. And the first step toward this is the present UID CARDS and the government would definitely do all the campaigns and media hype that how important is this UID for your own safety and would beat tantrums and trumpets of its benefits so that we all without any resistance “thinking Oh It is good for us” fall in the first trap , so that rest of their sinister plan of putting RDIF chips under our skin in each of us would be smooth transition . SO PEOPLE WAKE UP and show RESISTANCE against the sinister plan of all the governments world over to make us slaves like sheeps.
    Well wisher of the Society,
    Neo Gandhi Sandesh

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