Mumbai Bomb Blasts- Aam aadmi vents his anger

Mumbai, Jul 13: The media virtually seem to be on fire following the Mumbai terror attacks and there is continuous reportage on the blasts that ripped Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House. With the Indian Mujahideen believed to be the main suspect, the Home Ministry has confirmed that it indeed was a terror attack. IED’s were planted in a Maruti Esteem car and other points to instill maximum damages.

But at the receiving end of the brunt of all the attacks, is the common man popularly referred to as the aam aadmi. One person expressed his full fury at the system that has failed Indians time and time again. An eyewitness, he was a few feet away from the blast site at the Zaveri Bazaar and expressed his ansgt and ire at the system. He added that he first heard a deafening noise similar to a cylinder blast and soon he saw bodies flying in the air due to the impact of the high-intensity blast.

He stated that he was pained by the horrendous scenes of blood and gore that was seen after the bombs exploded. He spoke on the never-say-die spirit of the Mumbaikars and how people reacted immediately and became proactive to take care of those injured.

But he also commented on the failing administration saying that both P Chidambaram and RR Patil should wake up or else such incidents will only increase. “When India silently remembered the 7/11 attacks, the government did not due its duty to protect the people, but the terrorists seem to have done theirs.”

With strong voices emerging and slogans and statements against the government at the blast site, there were comments being made, “Government needs to wake up from its slumber”.

A woman who was in the Zaveri Bazaar site expressed her anguish and said that how can terrorists repeatedly target this busy market place for the third time around. The government had to ace the brickbats with some even saying that “there is no guarantee that we will return home when leaving for work”.

Another person declared that this was the “pinnacle of shamelessness in the biggest democracy of the world”.

The blasts also opened the festered wounds of the Mumbai Terror Attacks 2008 the pain of the same not yet subsided for many. There was also considerable anger on the treatment meted out to Afzal Guriu and Ajmal Kasab who has been enjoying the hospitality of India in jail. The case against them not yet closed, have led to fury among Mumbaikars. There was also blame games galore with the police, politicians and other parties in the firing line of the Mumbaikar’s anger.

For all the talks on the resilience of the Mumbaikar in the face of such disaster, one person stated that it was not resilience but hopelessness in actuality. They had given up hope of safety, peace and security.

it is rightly said No one is safe in Pakistan even Bin Laden
but Everyone is safe in Indian Even Ajmal Kasab

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