After Congress, Now AAP dig grave to BJP in Delhi

Congress and BJP think people always Vote them blindly; when AAP challenged Congress in last Delhi Election, Congress was making mockery of new Political party AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal. Even Sheila dikshit, chief minister of Delhi then said “WHO IS KEJRIWAL ?” and it did not took much time to know her who is Kejriwal when AAP won more seats than congress and showed exit door to Congress from Delhi.

it is said “HISTORY REPEATS” same thing happened to BJP. they think Modi wave will wipe out AAP or any other party from Delhi and they will win majority seats; but when Delhi results started to show early morning of February 10th 2015, there was no sign of BJP anywhere when AAP was leading in 67 seats out of 70.

When BJP/MODI asked people of Delhi on Facebook.
Whom you will votes in Delhi 2015 election?
People Replied.

on 10th Feb message was clear to BJP, and it is not AAP was rejoicing the victory but Congress, even they did not got single seat but miserable defeat of BJP, only with 3 seats out of 70.

Moral of the Story; People are not deaf and Dumb as Political parties think.

It was a clear Victory of the People Power and lesson to BJP and opportunists jumping jacks who jumped to BJP from AAP or any other party lost miserably.

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