Indian Politics – How to bring down Good Governance

India’s major political parties for decades did nothing for people than themself, they take turn to fill their copper only, SORRY their Swiss bank Accounts.

You will not find a single politician who has no foreign accounts in safe heaven like St. Kitts, Bahamas, Switzerland. They make laws for them self to safeguard from any enquiry into their scams, that’s why so far no whistle-blower law is not enacted, even it’s made, that will be toothless.

When AAP came to power, congress joined them, not to make AAP victory successful or help them to achieve their goal but to see the fun from inside, and keep away BJP, or use AAP against BJP for their gain.

When there was a problem in khirki, instead ordering Police to act on the complaint, center indirectly guide Police to not to act on the complaint.

When AAP reduce Power and water bill, Supply companies indirectly increase the charges, no need to say they are controlled by the center.

For Indian Police and Women organizations, foreign women rights are more important than Indian Women, they protest and ask foreigners to file case and by any means they make some trouble to AAP.

Now new allegation that BJP was bribing AAP members to quit, no need to say wested interest never allow Good Governance to stay in Power which work for people.

BJP and Congress do not know, those days gone when they show HAND or cow and Calf or talk about caste or religion, people will vote for them, and People are not blind as they see public money stashed in foreign banks.

AAP victory was wakeup call for these historical political parties, if they don’t change so they will be HISTORY. That’s why these well rooted parties will not allow AAP to survive.

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