Wife abusing husband, son witnessing

These 4 videos are about Protect Indian Family –  mumbai member Purushottam and his abusive wife, see how she gets entangled in her own web of lies(first she tells that she was ordered to act as if she is beating him, and then she(forgets the first statement) states that she was beating him after she was provoked and beaten up first!). 
Purushottam Mahajan was physically and mentally abused by his wife, he has videotapes of about 60 days of abuse, many men do not even have this evidence, some of them suicide!. The Police has not yet taken action on Purushottam’s complaint against spousal-abuse, even after 2 years of his complaint to various police and other authorities.
Indian Men are leading a troubled and stressed-out life and as per National Crime Records Bureau, almost 75000 men committed suicide in 2006. This is almost 80% more than women who have committed suicide (app. 42000). The age-wise break up is as follows:
Table :  Suicide Statistics Year 2006
14 or less     1194  1270 2464 -6%
15-29             22757  19459 42216 17%
30-44            27809  12890 40699 116%
45-59             17345  6261 23606 177%
60 or more  6597  2530 9127 161%
TOTAL          75702  42410 118112 79%
          Source: NCRB Data of 2006 (www.ncrb.nic.in)

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  1. it always happen , both husband and wife not understand felling of each other , all life partner must understand their felling and their needs . what they want .

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