Acid attack to kill husband

MALDA: A Malda woman and her lover allegedly threw acid on her husband exactly a month after she was forcibly married to him. Samsunnehar

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  1. Dear Friends
    It is true that Indian husband has no right to control his wife. The same case is also happened with me. My marriage was held on last Jul 1998 at Baripada (orissa) and my residence is at Sambalpur (Orissa). Before marriage my wife has an illicit relation with one. But my father-in-law did not support this relation for which I got married to her. My wife was also playing a vital role as a good wife and she went to Baripada alone if I will try to go with her then she played me with love and told me that you will come to take me. My married life was running happily from 1998 to 2004 during the 1999 her brother was married and he is doing job at New Delhi and at the end of the year her sister was married. Now all of her brother and sisters were married so she did not care me. And on last 16 April 2004 she went to Baripada by taking some important goods eg. gold etc. and from there she went to Delhi. She is staying with her brother till now. My parents were going to her and requesting her to come back but she does not interested to come here. My father’s friend who is also a professor in Chemistry and his parents were requesting to come but she is not interested to come here. She is also doing a maintenance case against me and our family members and I was called by the Delhi district court on last 16 jan 2006. I went to this court but the judge was not present so I returned on last 17 jan 2006 to sambalpur, but at Nizamuddin Rly station I was attacked by her brother with other three pearsons and even they tried to kill me but I got live as some of public were coming by running to me for which they ran away from the spot. Mena while my train came and I returned. But this case hurt me a lot as my son is also with her for which I was suffering from severe depresion for whic I have to admit at medical for more than one year. mean while she got an ex-parte judgment from the court. She again treied to get this won moneyso I was agin called by this court on last 19.jan. 2008 and here I have submitted my medical certificate and salary certificate. Here I am telling that in Orissa such case is rare. My marriage was held at Orissa and also my father-in-law is also staying till now at Baripada and they have aslo a well house and some shops. But she does not put this case at baripada. As she knows well that in Delhi all are possible. I am astinshing that how a lawyer feels about the jurdisication is right and also the court also accepts this. So I am asking here that if her brother will got a job theb she may put this case also at Simla. If so what is about the jurdisication..
    Rajani kanta Dash

  2. It is a birthright of indian women to kill her husband and move scot free.

    It is the right that our feminist judiciary has given to women.

    One should not forget Karanjeet Singh Ahluwalia case where court acquitted her for killing her husband. PROVOKED!!!

    The second name of feminism is husband killing and moving scot free.

    Ram Balak

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