Recue Aditya – Have You seen him…?


Unfortunately In our society unfortunately 2 out of 5 marriages are ending up in divorce This is

One thought on “Recue Aditya – Have You seen him…?

  1. My thoughts about the whole issue.

    I feel sorry for Aditya, for his parents quarrels, he is being deprived of his childhood, education, family, friends and many things more.

    I blame both the parents, whatever may be the reasons.

    At this juncture, I think Aditya’s father should stop all legal proceedings and cool down, so that they can surface and then approach them in a cordial manner and sort this issue out.

    Look Mr Father, by chasing them they will go deeper into hiding, so its better to stop that now and think about Aditya.

    I as a father would have done what i just mentioned.

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