Polyandry by deception: Woman cheats dirty dozen in Dehradun

A woman in Dehradun was involved in a racket of marrying elderly men and then cheating them. This important deception of Polyandry should be noted. It was a case of at least a ‘dirty dozen’ of deceived elderly men who have so far been identified. There are many rackets where such organized gangs extract money from innocent, and unsuscepting victims in a variety of scams and schemes.

Dehradun, December 30
The police here claimed to have nabbed a woman on charges of involvement in a racket of marrying elderly men and then cheating them of their cash and jewellery. The accused has been identified as 31-year-old Afsari alias Seema, a resident of Raipur area.

Giving details, the investigating officer of the case Yogender Singh said Afsari was committing the crime in connivance with Bharat, his wife Usha, his brother Karan and Mohsin.

While Bharat and Karan are on the run, police has arrested Mohsin and Afsari.

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