This TV Programm,nothing but feminists fundraising program, where they can humilate and insult men,Even their wives are wrong. Presenter Never allow men to talk, she always prove that she and women is right.

Here is the details of this Program, which handle FEMINAZI issues only.

As you would be aware, Aap Ki Kachehri

4 thoughts on “Gender Biased AAP KI KACHEHRI

  1. Also see family destructing lawyers group(named HRLN- Human rights law network), trying to project themselves as a “Human Rights” organisation, they are actually an off-shoot of lawyer’s collective(Indira Jaisingh).

  2. In her last progrrame she forced a men to leave his age old mother and asked to stay seperately with abusive wife.
    Wonder , does she have any son or she belive that the pain of a mother or sisters is less when she loss his son or brother?
    She even not brothered to advice to give some finciancial support to his mother.
    She is clearly abuse the age old mothers in the name of so called justice.
    This is a shame for her for earn the money she can go to such extented.
    If she nned money, better ask us, will give her , but tel her throw her own mother in dustbin, will she do that?

  3. dear madam

    i have already send request to before
    but not rcd any response as my case is that i had married in 2004 and from till that she is not leaving with me i had compromise to many times but not getting any result what i will do pls. help me.

    mob 09309322135

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