True Face of a Feminists – Twins with Different Father

She not only lying…
but she slept with multiple partners
may be trying to get Both child support from one man.
and making man to pay whom he is not a Father.

Even Maury Povich was SHOCKED by this paternity test! And just think about how the fathers felt!

When 19-year-old Alejandrina came on The Maury Show to prove that her ex-boyfriend Jose was the the father of her twin boys, Jayla and Julius, she got the surprise of a lifetime. Turns out he was only the father of one of them.

Before the DNA test results were read, Alejandrina promised that she had not slept with anyone else while she was with Jose. But as we now know, she was lying.

Jose said he would take responsibility for the one child and host Maury Povich let Alejandrina know that he would do a second paternity test for the other child if she found the man who could be the father.

“The show has very dramatic and very edgy themes which I think are played out in American society,” Maury says of his show in an episode special. “The most unusual, dramatic DNA theme was when the woman came on the show and had different fathers to her twins.”

Alejandrina’s case, which aired in 2008, was the second time this situation happened on The Maury Show. Before Alejandrina’s appearance, a girl named Regina came on the show to find out if her ex Eric was the father of her twins, and it turned out that he only fathered one.

“I want to explain about this situation,” Maury said on Alejandrina’s episode. “Its happened before on this show with fraternal twins. Less than one percent of fraternal twins are from different fathers, to be accurate 0.001 percent of the time. And this is one of those less than one percent.”

When twins are conceived by different fathers it is called heteropaternal superfecundation, which occurs when two or more of the women’s eggs are fertilized by different men within the same ovulation period. Talk about a complicated love life.

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