A letter a Day in support Women reservation Bill

Why only 33% Reservation in Money making Posts ?
why not 50% Reservation in Military services, let see how many feminists support this… LET THEM GO TO KARGIL AND BOARDER TOO.
I am sure none, coz no Women / Feminist is ready to die for the country than Reserved posts in parliament and state legislatures just to make money and for Power.

Let them win with their capacity, Why they want reservation.

A letter everyday to President Pratibha Patil, communities on social networking sites and blogs — these are the new initiatives announced by rights group campaigning for the passage of Women’s Reservation Bill in parliament.

Ranjana Kumari, director of the Centre for Social Research who is heading the campaign, said: “We are tired of the government’s slow progress towards passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill. We had pinned all hopes on the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government’s intent of passing the bill, which was on 100-day agenda but are now left wondering why has it failed again?

“Therefore, women’s groups are now resorting to unique ways of mounting pressure. These letters that we will send everyday, from all across the country, will act as regular reminders to awaken the government,” she added.

The bill proposes 33 percent reservation for women in parliament and state legislatures.

Besides the letters, the Internet will also be used extensively to garner support and streamline voices from across the country to put pressure on the passage of the bill.

“We will create accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, update blogs and e-groups to support the campaign,” Kumari added.

In order to make the campaign more effective, diverse and influential groups of people will also be approached for support.

Kumari said that Bharat Ratna and Padma Shri awardees, Vir Chakra and Paramvir Chakra decorated soldiers, Magsaysay awardees, social workers, former judges of the Supreme Court and the high courts, personalities including cinema and theatre artists will be invited to join the campaign.

“It should also be noted that the president has the constitutional powers to nominate candidates to the Rajya Sabha. Therefore, we will request her to create more space for women in the upper house of parliament,” Kumari said.

2 thoughts on “A letter a Day in support Women reservation Bill

  1. Any type of “Reservation” would never affect Rich People , no matter it’s Women Reservation, Muslim Reservation, SCST Reservation or any Reservation, because Reservation mainly means SNATCH FROM WEAKER and DISTRIBUTE IT WITHIN ONES OWN FRIENDS. Richer class, politicians, religious leaders, business men never get affected, as they always create a way-out for themselves and their children.

    It’s really a shame that when men today apply for admission in colleges, or employment in companies or wanna sit in public transports in India, they are thrown away like untouchables in the name of reservations. This type of insult must be unitedly protested and ended.
    Women today claim about their rights but they never talk about their responsibilities.

    When a job means MONEY-MAKING, POWER, FREEDOM FROM RESPONSIBILITY and HOUSE-HOLD WORK, SHOW-OFF,, they come infront and talk about WOMEN’S RIGHTS. They talk about being DOWN-TO-EARTH and ANTI-DOWRY laws, but if you see any matrimony website, a women earning 5k a month, wants his husband to earn 6 lacs a year. ( Should i say a dowry of 6 lacs per year ?? for whole life ?). But when the same women are asked to do a hard-working, sweaty job as a responsibility towards their family and children.. they withdraw, saying… OH, NO NO.. SORRY, IT’S MAN’S RESPONSIBILITY TO DO A JOB.


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