Men In Trouble: Alimony according to ex-wife’s lifestyle

New Delhi, Jul 23: The Supreme Court seems to have increased trouble for those who are planning to get divorce. Men, who want to have legal separation from his wives, have to pay alimony according the wives’ “present” lifestyle.

The apex court wanted to assure that the wife lives in reasonable comfort. However, the court also ruled out that the amount of alimony should be repressive for the husband.

While delivering the judgment on a divorce case, justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan said, “The amount of maintenance fixed for the wife should be such as she can live in reasonable comfort considering her status and mode of life she was used to when she lived with her husband.”

However, the judges also added, “The amount so fixed cannot be excessive or affect the living condition of the other party.”

The court was conducting the hearing on a divorce case filed by an Air India commander.

The commander was asked to choose the option – a permanent one-time alimony of Rs 40 lakh or Rs 40,000 a month for the entire life of his former air-hostess wife.

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