Is this androphobia ( male hatred ) or not? JUDGE yourself!

In one of the most shocking ‘judgements’, a ( female! ) judge has ruled that males cannot learn to nurse patients! This judgement is anti-male, and follows the dangerous trend of women appeasement by the judiciary. It is not an isolated case, but this trend is also followed politically – note the recent political decision to ‘reserve’ 50% ( no less! ) of municipal seats for women!

Take divorce court cases for instance : Already, the Indian constitution is heavily anti-male in divorce cases, laws ensuring financial and career ruin for any male in court.

There are 21st century judges who feel that men should ‘obey their wives, just as they themselves do’ and other medieval worthies, who think that marriages are supposed to last forever.

And ( surprise, surprise ) this judicial system punishes the Husband if it does not ( ! )  Whereas studies have shown that most ( 2/3 at least ) of the ever-increasing-divorces, are initiated by women – because of biased child custody and lucrative maintenance laws !

And amidst all these facts that divorce devastates the male, Alimony is still practiced – and ( like homophobia), not even Suspected to be androphobic!

Sex is the priciest commodity at the moment, and men are willing to gladly devote their entire energies to appeasing women – their wives, daughters – even Other peoples wives! Who then, will stand up for the male cause? Males? Unlikely! 

Women`s issues are being deliberately blown out of proportion by the Indian media, especially by women journalists – ‘dowry’ death and female feticide for eg. Rape, for instance, is given alarmist coverage – so much so, that readers are brainwashed into a subconscious anti-male attitude! In FACT, however,

Males, are actually the sufferers in ALL forms of violence – murder, robbery, even custodial deaths etc. – which are not even ‘worth’ reporting! The media has desensitized the public to androphobia. One ( unnoticed ) example :

If indeed men cannot be trained as nurses since their training exposes them to female private parts, is it not logical that there should be no male doctors too? How can such dangerous logic be supported by the ( anti-male ) female-dominated nursing council, and how could this be supported by the government in any part of the modern world? 

The judiciary, globally, is not only heavily anti-male, and shockingly uneducated, but also corrupt.

There are so many other jobs, dominated by women, such as air hostess and call centers – and recently news anchors, and even oil pump sales ‘women’. Women are preferred even for promotions in jobs. And most educational institutions ( colleges ), opening today are ‘women only’ colleges! Even adverts today are devoted to women, and are profoundly anti-male!

Is Indian society gradually turning androphobic? YES!

And it is high time that males are woken up by the media, and become aware of the bias against them in society.


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