NO consensus on Lokpal, All party meet fails again

New Delhi, Aug 24: History repeats again on Wednesday, Aug 24 when an all party meeting over the Lokpal fuss failed to bring any consensus. However, expressing its concern, the government reiterated that Anna Hazare should break his indefinite fast which entered ninth day on Wednesday.

Sources informed that the copy of Jan Lokpal Bill has been formally been forwarded to the parliamentary Standing Committee. The joint statement after the all party meet, however, claimed that parliamentary procedure is supreme.

The all party meet decided not to give in to the deadline given by Team Anna ie Aug 30. The Prime Minister once again urged Anna Hazare to withdraw his fast as his (Anna’s) health reportedly deteriorated following the fast.

However, 74-year-old Anna remained defiant and ruled out the Prime Minister’s demand to break the fast. He (Anna) also vowed to continue his hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi unless until the government agrees to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Third round of discussion is expected between the Team Anna and the government. The two groups had met earlier on the day but failed to break the deadlock.

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