Campaign to highlight violence against women

We at SUPARI.ORG, Affiliate of MyNation Foundation fight for equal rights for women. We not only fight violence against women,but we STRONGLY DEMAND, equal rights to Women in India.

So we Advice, all modern women to join INDIAN ARMY,Front line, Serve our borders, fight terrorist,shoulder to shoulder with your fellow men,as you fight with your husband at home,fight our enemies.


NO WAY, Said one women,
so indian women want easy money from husband only; and want equality to harass him ?


thats what this news says….. 

PUNE: The public education programme of the Centre for Centre for Communication and Development Studies, has organised a  fortnight-long campaign to raise awareness about violence against women (VAW) starting December 9.

“We want women to break the silence that surrounds violence against women,” lawyer and social activist Asim Sarode said at a media conference on Saturday.

“The deep-rooted belief that women are subordinate to men sanctions VAW, which affects women’s lives, their rights and their opportunities in almost every sphere. We want to sensitise people and bring a change in their beliefs and attitudes,” he further said.

As part of the campaign, an open forum will be organised on November 9 to discuss the issue of domestic violence against women. The discussion will be held at Sneha Sadan’ in Narayan Peth from 5 pm to 7 pm.

On December 10, a solo theatrical performance on the subject of violence against women by Chennai-based theatre artist Pritham Chakravarthy will be staged at the S M Joshi Foundation hall off Shastri road from 6 pm to 8 pm. The performance will be followed by a discussion with the artist.

Sarode said OS’ White Ribbon Campaign’, which began on Friday, will continue till December 10. “We urge everyone to wear a white ribbon and declare that violence against women is not right,” he said.

OS has also launched a Vox pop film project’ where people can capture people’s response to ending violence against women on camera. To participate in the activity

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