Aunt butchered 3-year-old girl to death

Malda, Aug 31: A ruthless aunt butchered a three-year-old girl to death suspecting the kid of stealing her gold earrings. This horrific incident took place at Malopara village in Ratua on Monday night, Aug 29.

The nature of the murder was so dreadful that it shocked everyone. The little girl was first tied up and gagged. Then she was hit on the head with a heavy rod, which killed her. Even after her death, her body was hacked brutally. She was stabbed repeatedly, the belly was ripped open and her limbs were chopped with a sickle.

Setara Biwi, the Kid’s mother lived with her children at her Brother, Mojammel Haque’s house. Things were fine till a pair of gold earrings went missing that belonged to Sakima Biwi, Haque’s wife. Sakima suspected Setara and her three-year-old daughter Nurseda, who denied the allegation. But the matter refused to die down and Sakima had allegedly even threatened Setara that she would kill her daughter if the ring was not returned.

On Monday afternoon, Nurseda went missing from home. After a futile search, the family decided to wait for the night before going to police, in case if any of the neighbours had given her shelter. On Tuesday morning, they discovered bloodstains under a closed door in the house. On opening it, the girl’s mutilated body was found lying on the floor.

During the police investigation, Sakima broke down and reportedly conceded that she had killed the girl. She reportedly told police that she had tied up the child and gagged her. She confessed her crime. She told how after everyone went to bed, she killed the child, she said, but her anger refused to die down. She took out her fury on the little body by chopping it repeatedly with a heavy sickle. SP Bhuban Chandra Mandal said Sakima had been arrested. “She has confessed to the murder. It is believed that a family feud is behind the murder,” he said.

Later ministers of National Criminal Women(NCW) gave press meet that, in India women cannt be charged, no matter what crime they committe, Sakima acted in defence, its Child fault common man of India exclaimed

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