Fined for keeping Father Away from son

NEW DELHI: Failing to abide by the directives of the Delhi High Court, a woman on Tuesday was slapped with a hefty fine for not letting her estranged husband have access to their son once a week. Pulling up one Tina Oberoi for “poisoning” her son’s mind against the father, Justice S N Dhingra imposed Rs 25,000 as fine on her for contempt of court.

Oberoi escaped being jailed after the high court considered how traumatic it would be for the boy to be at the centre of this dispute. The fine amount was also kept in abeyance as the judge warned her to abide by the court’s directions in future. The court made it clear that if Oberoi failed to honour its order in future she would have to cough up the fine amount or in case of default in depositing the fine she would face imprisonment of two weeks.

“Although it is a clear case of contempt committed by the wife but I consider that it would not be appropriate to send the wife to jail since that would cause further trauma to the child and it would be appropriate if a fine of Rs 25,000 is imposed on the wife for defying the order of court,” the court said.

HC also castigated Oberoi for attempting to brainwash the kid against the father. “There is a clear and wilful design of defiance of the court order by Tina Oberoi who used the child as a tool by poisoning his mind to such an extent that the child started crying on just seeing the father without any provocation in the court itself,” observed Justice Dhingra.

Last week the court had expressed its displeasure over Tina’s alleged bid to prevent her son from meeting his father every Sunday, despite court permission. “It clearly reflects that he has been well tutored by you to speak against the father,” the judge said, adding that she should not poison the child’s mind.

The court has granted visitation right to father, Aman Oberoi,on every Sunday at Kwality Sweets in Hari Nagar, Clock Tower, decreeing that the child will return to his mother by evening.

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