Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Get Better with Ayurveda.

The benefits of Ayurvedic remedies have been proven over centuries of use and are as useful today as they were back in the time. Ayurveda offers a number of remedies that can aid in balancing your doshas and contribute towards your overall wellness and healthy. But the key lies in finding the balance with a holistic approach of keeping the mind, body and soul in complete harmony with one another.

A medicine strategy report by the World Health Organization (WHO) corroborates, “For millions of people, ayurvedic medicines, traditional treatments, and traditional practitioners are the main source of health care, and sometimes the only source of care. This is care that is close to homes, accessible and affordable. While the affordability of this method of treatment might stand out, they are also a great way of coping with the relentless rise of chronic non-communicable diseases.”

Each plant or herb in ayurveda has a specific quality and can be used to treat multitude of ailments and diseases. As a rich source of nutrients, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, ayurvedic herbs are non-toxic in nature and so the products or remedies made using them are often recommended for their high therapeutic value.


Know your symptom - Find your home remedy

Ayurveda talks about the overall well-being of the body and so by just taking the remedy you cannot achieve complete health. There are other things that one needs to support it to be able to stay healthy, happy and rejuvenated. By using a variety and combination of medicinal plants and spices with detoxification value and combined with specific diet and lifestyle changes, Ayurveda aims to re-balance body, mind and spirit.

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The ingredients contained in most of the Ayurvedic home remedies work against disease causing organism through various means such as:

  • They kill the micro-organisms
  • They prevent their multiplication
  • They block or interfere with crucial processes that can lead to the survival of microorganisms e.g. they can stop cell wall formation in fungi that causes yeast infection
  • They make the environment un-conducive for the micro-organisms to survive
  • They boost the immune system making the body able to fight micro-organism through the first line of defense


Benefits of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Ayurvedic home remedies are simple to use and prepare. Making the concoctions does not require expertise; anybody can prepare and administer them effectively. Ingredients can be fetched easily from the kitchen and they do not require long preparation time. Since, they are made using natural everyday ingredients, they are non-toxic and pose no harm to your health.

Anything that is easily available in or around your home, and has a medicinal use, may be used as a home remedy. Most Ayurvedic home remedies are a blend of commonly used herbs and spices that are concocted together into a potent mix to cure common symptoms or prevent any ailment.

Substances such as clove, cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, fennel, rock salt, turmeric, coriander, ginger, honey, licorice, garlic, onion, Holy Basil and mint are generally regarded as effective home remedies. Ayurveda also prescribes some exercises, massaging techniques, aromas and cleansing therapies as natural home remedies. In some cases, even a proper diet can be a home remedy as it reduces the severity of symptoms experienced and avoids unintended aggravation of the condition.

The Ayurvedic approach to illness is holistic and therefore after an Ayurvedic treatment a patient will find an improvement in their mental, physical and psychological conditions. The ingredients utilized in Ayurvedic medicines are mostly derived from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, etc. making it a remedy close to nature and many more benefits of Ayurveda are as follows.

Some of the most commonly known benefits of Ayurvedic home remedies include:

Panchakarma is the process for getting rid of impurities and food that interfere with how the body should ideally work. Administering oils, enemas, and massage therapy help get the body moving from the tissue levels to the intestinal levels as impurities get released from the system. Using the nurturing touch of Ayurvedic remedies for a blissful happy, healthy life is therefore highly recommended.


The Ayurvedic home remedies given on the site Dabur, one of the best Ayurveda company, are based on the therapeutic usage's of Ayurvedic plants & herbs as mentioned in Indian Ayurveda. These can be taken for minor ailments but are no way substitute of a physicians diagnosis. If the problem persists, consult your doctor immediately. Although these remedies are generally safe for the public and usually have no side effects but Dabur advises that these be practised / taken at the user's sole discretion.