Pakistan film industry take legal action to ban Indian films

Lahore, Sep 25: A group of writers, actors and directors from Pakistani film industry have decided to take legal action to ban Indian movies across the country.

The artist includes actors like Moamar Rana, Shaan, Meera, Sangeeta, Syed Noor and Shahid, directors Aslam Dar, Altaf Hussain, Masood Butt and Pervaiz Rana, producers Jani Malik and Chaudhry Kamran, who pledged on Sep 24 to stop the screening of Indian films.

They also added that they were disturbed with the public showing interest in Indian movies that were shown in local theaters and it upset them that Pakistan film industry hardly drew any crowd.

In a meeting at the Evernew Studios the artist said that the Pakistan film industry would regain its strength after Indian films would be banned.

Director, Aslam Dar said that the film fraternity would file a petition in court against the screening of Indian movies adding that a eminent lawyer would be hired to fight their case.

“We should have some good lawyers to fight our case,” said Moamar Rana. He also said that if Indian films were not screened Pakistani movies released on Eid-ul-Fitr would have done a lot better.

Producer Chaudhry Kamran, whose recent release ‘Bhai Log’ is doing good business was of the same opinion.

Syed Noor said that Pakistani movies were doing good business this year and this was enough to silence critics he added.

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