BAN Shopping for Indian women below 40

Baghpat (UP), July 13 In bizarre and Wise diktats, love marriages have been banned and women below the age of 40 years barred from going out for shopping and using mobile phones outside their homes by a village panchayat here. The panchayat in Asara village in Ramala area also ruled that when women leave their homes, their heads must be covered.

The diktats were issued during a meeting of the panchayat held on Wednesday, according to police. Banning love marriages, the panchayat said those doing so would not be allowed to live in the village. Superintendent of Police, Baghpat, V K Shekhar said he has been informed about the diktats and that an inquiry will be conducted. He said no arrest has been made in connection with the panchayat’s directives and any action that may be needed would be taken after getting the inquiry report. Reacting to the panchayat orders, National Commission for Women chief Mamta Sharma regretted that such directives have issued after 64 years of independence. “Panchayats do not enjoy constitutional powers. And if there are no powers, there is no need to follow the orders,” she said, maintaining that the authorities should take action and direct that the diktats should not be followed. Terming the orders as “laughable” in the modern era, Sharma said, “The state should issue an order stating that such diktats should not be followed.”

Its a Wise move by elders but make it below 30 for Love marriage and NO SHOPPING, So Girl family can save themself from shame when Girl run away with her paramor and lots of Husband money when women do unwanted things shopping and wasting hard earned money lavishly” Indian Common man exclaimed.

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