Referring latest news of “Aged Women Lost her life: Husband and Son got arrested in 498A” [ ] many such old aged women are sacrificed their lives to this biased law.

Under IPC 498A, notoriously called Dowry Law, or Dowry prohibition Act, Many innocent men along with old parents and Pregnant sisters are arrested without any investigation. This is known fact and Ministers openly admit that, there is 98% misuse in this gender biased laws. Still they support such laws.

These Women organizations and Women Ministries like NCW / WCD are not doing anything than supporting and fighting for such misusers of the law. Many families are broken because of this law. This law is creating Terror in every family where male child is born. The women who bore male child are not women, termed by NCW/WCD because they refused to help and listen to such women Problems. Still these women organizations support misusers of law, and give help

Because of False complaints of these modern women many women lost life, by heart attack or committed suicide, but NCW/WCD is not making modern daughter in law responsible for their death. Even Abetting is crime, none charged under such crime.
Once this complaint is filled, all marriages ends in Divorce, there is no chance of compromise once husband goes to jail. These modern Daughters in laws are blackmailing husband in Child custody too.

These laws are breaking home
Terrorizing families
Cause Divorce

One thought on “BAN NCW / WCD

  1. NCW is just enjoying IT payers money , without any accountability/output.

    It is all your mistake , why giving vote for such party or candidates

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