4.75 lac penalty on Sachin Tendulkar’s new Bandra house

Mumbai, Sept 30: Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been imposed a fine of Rs 4.75 lakh by the BMC after he moved into his 79 crore dream house located in Bandra without an Occupancy Certificate (OC).

“He will be penalised Rs 4.75 lakh for inhabiting a house before getting the OC. It was due in procedure and he would have got the OC in the next four days,” said R Kukanar, Chief Engineer, Development Plan.

“The master blaster could be slapped with a notice for occupying building premises without an OC under Section 350 (A) of the BMC Act,” said a senior official from the building proposals department.

“A person who illegally occupies a house without an OC can be prosecuted, but it rarely happens as the person would receive the OC in a few days time. Other than the OC bit, there are no violations in the building and Sachin should have waited for four days before performing the grihapravesh puja on Wednesday,” said the official.

Sources also reveal that Sachin purchased at least 40 exquisite paintings and showpieces from an art store.

The state government however has asked the Subodh Kumar, BMC commissioner, to waive the penalty against Sachin.

“Sachin is an icon who has brought international laurels to the country. Subodh Kumar told me that he would examine the issue and act accordingly,” said Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan, textiles minister adding that he spoke to Kumar.

“Normally, one moves into a house after getting the OC. Here, he has submitted documents for the OC, but shifted into the new house without getting the certificate, which according to corporation officials attracts a penalty. He should be exempted from penalty as a special case,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, Sachin Tendulkar’s secretary remained silent over the issue.

As per the law, no one can enter a building or flat without securing an OC. Tendulkar’s new house is situated at Perry Cross Road and Turner Road in the suburbs of Bandra in Mumbai.

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