Train crash hits Bangalore-Chennai train services

Bangalore, Sept 14: The regular train services to Chennai from Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli in Karnataka state were hit badly and will remain impeded till the evening as the restoration work was in advance on the track near Chennai, where an accident took place on Tuesday, Sept 13 night.

“We have cancelled a couple of passenger trains and re-scheduled express and mail trains towards Chennai from Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli during the day as restoration of tracks is in progress,” said a spokesperson for South Western Railway.

The crash left 10 people dead and over 100 injured when Chennai Beach-Vellore electric multiple unit (EMU) rammed the Arakkonam-Katpadi passenger train, while the train was waiting for green signal near Sitheri station in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district on Tuesday night. The collision lead to the derailment of 5 bogies of the Arakkonam-Katpadi train.

“The Bangalore-Chennai day express train has been cancelled while the Lalbagh and Brindavan intercity super fast to Chennai and Sanghamitra Express to Varanasi via Chennai have been re-scheduled to depart late afternoon as we expect the tracks to be restored by evening,” the spokesman said.

However, besides passenger trains, 10 mail and express trains were disrupted which run through the affected area.

Sources said that many train passengers rushed to inter-state-bus-terminus near the city railway station to catch buses to their destination. The Karnataka state Transport Corporation has provided extra buses to places like Bangarpet, Kolar, Katpadi, Arakkonam and Chennai during the day to meet the unexpected rush from train passengers.

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