Bangalore Police Help in womens Extra-marital Affair

Tilak Nagar police are in a fix. They cannot punish a woman whose false complaint has led to the nabbing of an innocent man, as that might break her marriage. It all began with a complaint a woman lodged with them two weeks ago, saying an unidentified person had snatched her gold chain and cellphone from near a temple in Jayanagar. Last week, the police nabbed that person, who happened to be her paramour.


According to the police, the woman had gifted him the chain and cellphone on his birthday. She had lodged a false complaint to mislead her husband..

Speaking to media, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) BNS Reddy said that based on the complaint, the police kept a watch on the usage of that cellphone and zeroed in on him last week. During interogation,he denied robbing anyone. He kept on maintaining it was a gift from his girlfriend, he said.


When the complainant and the man were brought face to face, the truth emerged. She had presented her paramour with a cellphone and a chain. To prevent her husband from asking about it, she lodged a false complaint, said Reddy. The police are closing the case against the man who has been set free.

We have not taken any action against the woman as she will get exposed and that will break her marriage. She has a child, whose life will also be affected, he said.

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