Punishment for False dowry case, No School Fee for Holiday months

Recently Bangladesh changed its Dowry law, amending it, PUNISHMENT FOR FALSE DOWRY COMPLAINTS/CASE, even there was not much opposition or cry from Bangladeshi men. Bangladesh law makers and government wanted to make laws gender nuetral, and stop abuse of Law. SOURCE : http://supari.org/bangladesh/

But in india, NCRB data shows there are FALSE Dowry complaints/Cases and in 80% cases men are acquitted as not Guilty but Indian government is not charging and harassing men and his family for decades with False complaints.

Recently HIGH COURT OF SINDH, KARACHI, Pakistan passed this order No School Fee for Holiday months / Summer Holidays – CLICK HERE TO SEE ORDER

“No private school can charge any fee (including transportation fees) for the holiday months that is April or May or June or July after the final exams. Some School charges monthly or annual fees for 12 months, when schools are closed for vacation for 1 or 2 mnths.

If any school charges fee then there will be action taken against that school to the extent that it may lose its licence. Parents can complain to the police. If fee has been paid in advance then one may ask for refund or adjust with the next month/s fee.

In case the school does not refund or adjust the parents may lodge a complaint with the police. If police does not listen then complaint at the CM window.”

All this shows Bangaldesh and Pakistan is far ahead and working towards people concerns and Problems.


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