Saudi Arabia: Eight Bangladeshis beheaded

Dhaka, Oct 9:- Eight Bangladeshi migrants were beheaded in Saudi Arabia, the accused were executed for robbing a warehouse and killing an Egyptian security guard four years ago.

On Friday, Oct 7, the accused who were executed were Faruq Jamal, Sumon Miah, Mohammed Sumon, Masud Shamsul Haque, Abu al-Hussain Ahmed, Mamun Abdul Mannan, Shafiq al-Islam, Mutir al-Rahman and other three were imprisoned.

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, middle east director of Human rights group was quoted as saying, ” Court proceedings in Saudi Arabia fall far short of international standards for fair trial and news of these recent multiple executions is deeply disturbing.”

He added that the Saudi authorities appear to have increased the number of executions in recent months, a move that puts the country at odds with the worldwide trend against the death penalty.

Human rights group Amnesty International claimed that the accused were workers of some poor countries. However, most of them couldn’t afford for a defence lawyer, even they were not informed about the legal proceedings and it was difficult for the accused to defend themselves in the judicial matters as they didn’t have good command over Arabic.

This year the number of execution is 58, double than the previous year and half of them were foreign nationals. Saudi Arabia is a country which gives death penalty for lots of offences.

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