BEEF ban – a Political stunt

In India, Government is dictating people, what to eat what not. if people go hungry its not their problem. its all Political agenda to fool people. Government is using religion to control people, to get majorities support, they say its in Religious books so people blindly believe what Politicians says coz majority are not familiar with ancient texts.

Beef was not a issue in India, as majority depend on it. Politicians know how to manipulate Religion to get support, as majorities are against some other communities and Government want to show majority that they are doing something against those communities, that’s how this BEEF BAN issue came.

if You refer ancient texts, it says in

——— found somewhere on the net ——–

Raashtram vaa ashwamedhah
Annam hi gau
Agnirvaa ashwah
Aajyam medhah

21. He (the Adhvaryu) then makes him enter the hall. Let him not eat (the flesh) of either the cow or the ox; for the cow and the ox doubtless support everything here on earth. The gods spake, ‘Verily, the cow and the ox support everything here: come, let us bestow on the cow and the ox whatever vigour belongs to other species 1!’ Accordingly they bestowed on the cow and the ox whatever vigour belonged to other species (of animals); and therefore the cow and the ox eat most. Hence, were one to eat (the flesh) of an ox or a cow, there would be, as it were, an eating of everything, or, as it were, a going on to the end (or, to destruction). Such a one indeed would be likely to be born (again) as a strange being, (as one of whom there is) evil report, such as ‘he has expelled an embryo from a woman,’ ‘he has committed a sin 2;’ let him therefore not eat (the flesh) of the cow and the ox.

Nevertheless Yâgñavalkya said, ‘I, for one, eat it, provided that it is tender.’

– Satapatha Brahmana 3:1:2:21

Sushruta Samhita
sutra sthaanam, adhyaya 46, verse 89:
svaasa-kaasa pratishyaaya vishamajvara-naashanam |
shrama-atyaagni-hitam gavyam pavitram-anilaapaham ||

The translation that is found here is correct:
“Beef is holy and refrigerant, proves curative in dyspnoea, catarrh, cough, chronic fever and in cases of a morbid craving for food (Atyagni), and destroys the deranged Vayu.

sharira sthaanam, adhyaya 3, verse 25, line-ii:
gavaam maamse tu balinam sarvakleshsaham tathaa ||

This line translates to: “A pregnant woman who craves to eat the flesh of a cow shall have a son who is strong and capable of withstanding all difficulties”.

Buddhism – contrary to Indian propaganda, Buddha banned ritual slaughter, not fish and meat which all rulers are authorized to provide by Buddha through government slaughterhouses (which would not kill on new and full moons making it a sacrifice by state) Meat is medicine in Buddhism and includes beef!.

——— end ——–

India has largest Cow/Ox/buffalo population, if they are not reduced, India will be largest greenhouse gas emmitter without any Industries, Cowdung is meathane Producer.

For many Beef is cheapest source of protein. but i seen many from majority enjoy eating it; but higher caste deny it, showing their Caste system and racists attitude towards their own kind.

Lost of revenue to farmer, as there are no buyers for their old cows.

Leather will be more expensive.

India is one of the major meat exporter of buffalo/bulls etc, as now all comes under beef then it will stop, affecting the livelihood of many who were dependent on the industry.[India is the biggest beef exporter in the world. The beef industry is valued at $4 billion, that’s Rs 24800 crores.]

No cows are killed, so there will be more MILK…! is milk rate reduced recently…?

Sandles and shoes worn by majority made of of Cow leather, even drums of temples use it.

so far slaughter houses are owned and run by majority. even bulls are slaughtered in temples.

Indian government just want to divert people from major issues which they failed to fulfill with BEEF BAN. Every government tring to find cheapest source of food with high protein to its people but India goes backward.
Government should not dictate what to eat and what not, if they want to ban cow slaughter, ban for them whom they think its sacred, not to others.

If government is making majority happy then thats partiality in their part and against Constitution.

Next comes, BAN others from milking our Gods… Others should not drink our GODs milk.
ultimate one why not BAN killing of RATS ? is it not GODs vehicle ?

Jews are prohibited from eating Pork but its not BANNED in ISRAEL…!

Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world but BEEF is not banned there…..! who will look after nonproductive, old cows…? common man exclaimed.

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