Beware of Marrying an Indian Girl !!!

Honest , Down to earth , Religious , Very Traditional” these are the words that describe about 99% of brides to be in matrimonial sites and newspaper articles. These conjure an image of the Sati Savitri that the Indian women is in the eyes of any Man or prospective groom.The media and the Govt also support this by projecting an image that the poor Indian women who are suffering from decades of male oppression need a helping hand in marriage .

THINK AGAIN young men , What the media or the government do not want you to know about is highlighted below . and these are nothing but the hidden bitter truth behind most Indian marriages .The bitter truth is that the Indian marriage these days reeks of bitter resentment , biased laws against the husband and extortionist wives out to make quick money by unleasing the biased Indian laws againt the family of the husband .

1) Twice the number of Indian Married men commit suicide every year as compared to women .The suicides of men are brushed under the carpet as due to financial reasons while that of women as investigated a dowry deaths and additional funds get allocated to fight the fictional dowry menace .

2) More than 126,000 women have been arrested in the last 4 years alone apart from lakhs of elderly citizens , young bright men and even children in the name of dowry harassment by the Indian Police at the behest of a simple complaint .

3) A simple report is enough to put the entire family of the husband behind bars under the draconian section 498A which has been hailed as the weapon of mass destruction by the modern empowered of India

4) The Domestic violence act 2005 , another law considers even talking loudly with the wife an act of violence and the husband and his family can be entangled in a false case under the Domestic Violence act . Lakhs of husbands and his elderly parents have been thrown out of their own homes under this law , by the wives so that she and her family can occupy it .

5) The extortionist police along with the Judiciary are misused by the unscrupulous wife and her family to extort money and torture the families of the Husband . The law provides no punishment or deterrent against misusing the senseless laws and that emboldens criminal wives even further .

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