Can a woman put a nonfather name or No name on birth certificate ???????

This is Every divorced or separated women dream, to delete Father names from Birth Certificate.or Change with imaginery name.

This is the question asked by one unfortunate Father.

Q: Me and the baby mom Seperated and i wondering because she said my name is not going on the birth Certificate if she does put someone elso name and i find out can i have it changed if i prove it mine if she does put someone elso name she cant take me for support unless my name is on it she said she was going to put her new boyfriend name on it.

This is what happens if she do that….. somday she has to answer. and she will deserve, what she has done to child.

Here is the Answer.

A : My “parents” divorced when I was 8. I would visit my “dad” every weekend. I did this until I was 12 and outgrew wanting to go over there and goof off with the kids at the apartment.

When I turned 23 my mom told me over a glass of wine (and a bit of drunkenness on her part) that he isn’t really my dad, and that I’ve never met my real dad, and that she doesn’t know his name.

This couldn’t have been concealed for so long if someone else’s name was on the birth certificate. So, she had him put his name on there.

I emailed him and told him that I had a “very important question,” and he showed up at my work with a bunch of stress zits on his face!

I bought a household DNA test kit ($250). He admitted to not being my dad, but I told him I wanted the test just for closure, and he agreed (teary-eyed).

I sent it in (to Vancouver) and got the results like a month later. I tell you the index was so far off I could’ve sent my dog’s DNA and got a better match.

What really bothers me is that he is White, I’m Asian, my mom is Asian, and it always bothered me that (thinking I’m half-White) the other Asian kids had more White friends than I did. This made me hate both races. Well, now that I know my true heritage it makes a little sense now. I’m a shy guy, and I don’t resemble a person of mixed heritage.

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Imagine, Children calling mother, SLEPT WITH DOG…..? [ I could’ve sent my dog’s DNA and got a better match ]
Message to unfortunate Fathers, Do not worry, what your Ex done to you, taking away your beloved child, sooner than later, she will be rewarded for her Bravery from same kid, just like above situation.

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