BJP vs BSY. Who will arm-twist who?

New Delhi, Jul 28: Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa cannot be defined any better than a fighter when he have had to face multiple setbacks during his tumultuous tenure as CM. Now after the Lokayukta report has indicted Yeddyurappa along with other ministers for having played a major part in the illegal mining scam, Yeddyurappa is still at his defiant best.

After the report came out, there were clear indications that Yeddyurappa and party were part of the mining scam that is believed to have robbed the country of Rs 16,085 crore from the exchequer. Even as he arrived in Delhi after being summoned by the BJP High Command, BSY stressed, “Why should I resign ? All our all India leaders are with us. All our MLAs are with us. And the question of my resignation does not arise.”

With the BJP almost deciding on the fate of the tainted CM after the three-hour meeting, Yeddyurappa expressed confidence ahead of the meeting with BJP President Nitin Gadkari. The meeting was attended by top BJP leaders as well. With the BJP pressurised to act against BSY to save its face ahead of the Parliament’s monsoon session where the central leadership plans to raise the ante against the scandals that have risen during the UPA regime, an action against BSY needs to be taken solely on moral grounds.

The open defiance of BSY has also not gone down well with the party leadership as well. Gadkari has convened a Parliamentary Board Meeting on Thursday morning to discuss the transfer of power to BSY’s successor.

The damning Lokayukta report had named Yeddyurappa and his family members of having received around Rs 30 crore kickbacks by a mining firm. The money is believed to have been paid to his son’s NGO. The report had also recommended the prosecution of the CM under the anti-corruption law.

After the report came out, the CM said that the report is being studied by his government and senior leaders. “I have convened a Cabinet meeting tomorrow in Bangalore where the report will be discussed. The question of my resigning does not arise,” he said.

The question that now arises is whether the BJP will be able to coax the defiant CM to put in his papers or if the tainted Yeddyurappa will be able to cheat fate this time around as well.

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