Facebook Romance – Men are Guilty always and All Women are Saints

In India if a Women do some crime thats not wrong, As per Indian law only men committ crime, Even women Blackmail men for money but she is not guilty.

If a women have sex before marriage, thats ok, but for man its a Rape on her. As a Indian Women, she should know the morals not to sleep around for whatever reasons or promises he made, but she can term it as Rape when her Blackmailing tactics are not working to make more money. she willing slept and in sex its not only man enjoy but women too.

Here is real life story.

A romance that took off with a friend request and culminated in a physical relationship ended rather badly, with both parties filing complaints. The argument continues in court.

Here’s a Facebook romance that went horribly wrong. The man, a 28-year-old chef from Noida, claims that when he didn’t give in to her threats and blackmail, he had to spend 21 days in jail. The woman, a 27-year-old revenue manager in a dotcom company in Manyata Tech Park, says he got physically intimate with her on the promise of marriage.

In a private complaint (12861 / 2012) filed before the VII Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, the chef, who worked in Bangalore since 2005 and is now on a sabbatical, accused the woman and her family of using force and threats to get him to marry her. He said he got to know her after she sent him a ‘friend request’.

His complaint came after three weeks in custody following the woman’s complaint that he had used her and raped her, promising to marry her.

The court asked the jurisdictional police to lodge an FIR and investigate the matter.

The chef says in the complaint, filed through his advocate, RLN Murthy, that they became friends since she would start chatting whenever he was online. She asked for his mobile number and started exchanging SMSes and phone calls.

The chef says he gave her Rs 20,000 on Sept 23, 2011, when she asked for a loan. After this, she became closer and the calls and messages increased. She asked for more money and he gave her Rs 5,000 on Oct 12, 2011. She became very demanding after this, asking him to take her out for movies and lunch often. This affected his work as she would call him at all times. They quarrelled in November.

In the three months they were seeing each other, they got intimate. The complaint says the lady “always insisted on having romantic chats, saying there was nothing wrong in having such talks with friends.” She always insisted on marriage, the complaint said, adding that when he refused, “she used to blackmail the complainant stating that she would attempt suicide if he did not marry her.”

The chef visited Noida in November and when he returned, he faced fresh trouble when she demanded money for her brother-in-law’s business. When he refused, she along with her parents and brother-in-law threatened him. This continued till she filed a complaint in February 2012.

She complained that he had raped her in October 2011 after inviting him for his birthday. He had continued to have sex with her, promising to marry her. After her complaint, the chef was arrested and spent 21 days in jail.

Interestingly, the chef’s complaint says she visited him twice during those 21 days and demanded money to withdraw the complaint. This continued even after he came out on bail.

moral of the Story, Whatever man do is a Crime, and all Women mistakes blamed on men as she is Victim always even she is a Criminal.

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