Bangalore Dentist bobbitises her lover

Bengaluru : Dr Meer Arshad Ali paid a price for loving his neighbour. Never in his wildest dreams had he reckoned that he would be bobbitised, when cupid struck some eight years ago.

Ali came to Bangalore two days ago, and called his lady love, Dr Syeeda Ameena. He accepted her invitation and went to her clinic, where he was allegedly bobbitised with a sharp blade. Ameena fled the scene moments after moving Ali to a multi-speciality hospital.


The victim, identified as Dr Meer Arshad Ali (32), a resident of NR Mohalla in Mysore, is recovering in Sagar Hospital. Koramangala Police have launched a search for the accused, Dr Syeeda Ameena (30).

Police sources say,

One thought on “Bangalore Dentist bobbitises her lover

  1. Sunitha

    I can’t belive this. Did this really happen or just a story?. lol. I feel sorry for that man.
    By the way, what does bobbitising mean?. Not heard of that before.


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